Our Green policy

Aiming for better environmental outcomes

Moduline is committed to pursuing the highest standard of environmental performance, consistent with maintaining our market position as a leader of quality products and customer service. Our goal is to conserve the environment for present and future generations.

Look for this label

Environmental Choice label is the only Australian environmental labelling program which
indicates the environmental performance of a product from a multi-criteria and whole product life perspective.

Use the right products – Go green!
• Laminex Visage
• Laminex Lamiwood
• Craftwood MDF
• PVA Glue
• Nevamar High Pressure Decorative Laminates
• Laminex High Pressure Laminate
• Laminex Decorwood
• Formica Colour Panel MDF
• Surteco ABS Edging
• Amerind Plantation Veneers

Proudly Australian

Keep Australians in jobs

Moduline is committed to manufacturing within Australia using the best products and procedures available to ensure jobs for Australians and a high quality product. We will not purchase or recommend products produced in foreign countries where workers are subject to conditions that Australians do not accept just to save costs.

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