Doors & Drawers


Moduline offer a wide range of door options for all sorts of joinery applications. Differing styles, colours, textures and profiles result in a mind-boggling array of choice. In general, doors can be described in the following two groups:

Laminate Doors: the typical kitchen laminate door is a popular option for durability, value and style – An ever increasing range of laminate colours and finishes means a huge selection to match any kitchen design. Laminates are available to suit traditional and contemporary decor that range from solid colours to stone looks to natural timbers.

Laminex Silk Gloss Doors: This gloss decorated panel delivers a rich, smooth, durable melamine finish that is easy to clean and offers a striking opulent finish at a price which will suprise you. It is ideal for doors, drawers and other vertical applications. This is a great way to enhance your design and for peace of mind comes with a matching ABS edge and 7 year limited warranty.

Laminex DiamondGloss Panels: For Interiors with perfect polish, nothing outshines DiamondGloss Surfaces. Superior to traditional gloss laminates, they boast brilliant lustre and exceptional scuff resistance. DiamondGloss panels provide a durable high gloss door finish with a matching ABS edge. For peace of mind they are covered by Laminex 7 year limited warranty.

Painted doors: a number of different options are available from Moduline custom-painted doors in different styles and finishes, through to trademarked painted doors from various suppliers. Typically colours can be matched to your imagination, including house colours or complimenting other colours and finishes in the kitchen. Painted doors are available in either satin or gloss finishes.

Aluminium framed glass doors: consider highlighting sections of your kitchen with stunning aluminium framed doors of various profiles and thicknesses married with frosted and clear glass. Used to good effect, they can produce an amazing enhancement to any kitchen design.

The use of solid timber doors is still a popular choice in many kitchens. The use of timber doors can give a warm and cosy feeling throughout a kitchen and can suit both modern or country styles. Based on Australian timbers, these locally handmade doors are available in many profiles and will be a lasting point of pride in your home.

Laminex® Finished Designed Timber Veneer panels have the benefits of raw Designed Timber Veneers, but are pre-finished and textured. This means that there is no polishing required at the fabrication stage. You can save time and money, and feel confident about how the final product will appear. Laminex Finished Designed Timber Veneers are available in a variety of new decors and finishes, including the Australian Natural Wave range and the Roughcut and Grained finishes as well as 14 exciting decors from Italy.

Like cabinetry options, decisions can be a very involved process so again have fun with your doors and let us walk you through the range to create your perfect kitchen or cabinet solution



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